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Vicky Kaya is proud to proceed on the next level of FWBVK: Into the fashion.

Writing on a deadline, preparing a shooting, reviewing, interviewing, editing, posting, sharing it. Welcome to “into-the-fashion.com”.

Students of FWBVK and other partners who are masters in different sectors deliver an exquisite fashion platform that reflects the everyday life within FWBVK, illustrates their talent, professionalism and hard training and is always up-to-date on the wonders of fashion, one of the largest industries around the world.

Interviews with fashion gurus, reviews on catwalks, shows and collections, illustrations, shootings, fashion news as well as all the projects workshopaholics prepare for FWBVK (their own CV) are presented in “into the fashion workshop”. Posts on art, architecture, fashion, photography, design, music, cinema,  and many other fields of culture are featured daily: this is your daily feed on style.