Graduation day: Photo gallery

Text: Mary Giatra
Photos: Iliana Alexandrou

The night of Friday the 14th, was a very busy night for the FWBVK. The fashion world was cordially invited to the Graduation Exhibition 2011_12. Vicky Kaya and her guests celebrated the graduation of the first generation of workshopaholics.

Last year’s workshopaholics had the chance to organize a wonderful display of their projects on the first floor of FWBVK. The exhibition consisted of costumes, which they created under the inspiring guidance of Nicholas Georghiou, and photos of their work taken by Vangelis Kyris and Genevieve Majari. Moreover, a documentary on Yiorgos Eleftheriades was shown on the school’s rooftop, where the surprises went on just before the presentation of “Forward”, the first edition of the workshop’s magazine which was produced and realized under the supervision of Mia Kollia.

But the night had more to offer to four eager individuals. Vodafone will cover the fees for four lucky students who will attend this year for free, announced the outcome of the exams to the impatient candidates: Ioanna Karageorgou, Efthimia Pavlopoulou, Giota Dendrinou and me!

More than 400 guests arrived and stepped on the fabulous red carpet of the FWBVK. Artists, journalists, stylists, photographers, businessmen and celebrities were there to add an extra twist to the evening.

Among others, Nikos Perakis, Vangelis Kyris, Yiorgos Eleftheriades, Deux Hommes, Vassilis Zoulias, Orsalia Parthenis, Mara Desypris, Yatzer, Mi Ro, Helena Skoula, Yiorgos Makelakis, Reggina Kouri, Roula Revi, Apostolis Totsikas, Thanasis Krikis and Mara Karetsos attended the celebration with the FWBVK talented teachers: Freddy Kalobratsos, Mia Kollia, Nicholas Georghiou, Dada Ioannidou, Genevieve Majari, Elena Mavromichali (who did the excellent curation of the exhibition), Ioanna Peppa, Katia Trakada, Kelly Stavropoulou, Vanda Yiannara, John Sarlis and Vicky Kaya.

It was an exciting and emotional evening for the FWBVK. The proud teachers, the promising graduates and the dreamful new workshopaholics, became one on that roof, under the discreet glance of Acropolis and they made a pact. They promised to share their knowledge and to gaze the future with optimism as their fashion journey goes on.

Thank you all for being there. Here’s to an amazing new year at Fashion Workshop by Vicky Kaya.

Galateia Laskaraki, Eleni Papaioannou

Vangelis KyrisKatia TrakadaMaria Tzavara, Katiana TsotakouMaria Tzavara, Christina Zyrouri, Mia Kollia, Vicky KayaVassilis Zoulias, Vicky Kaya, Periklis KondylatosNikos Perakis, Foteini AnagnostopoulouVicky KayaVicky Kaya, Orsalia ParthenisMara DesyprisGenevieve Majari
Evmorfia Savvaidi, Zoi Micha, Yiorgos Eleftheriades, Antrianna Paraskevopoulou 

Nikos Vardakstanis, Mo, Yiorgos Eleftheriades, Eirinaios Fillipidis. Back right: Orsalia Parthenis

Nikos Perakis, Vicky Kaya, Eirinaios Fillipidis
Deux Hommes
Mirella Alexou, Giorgos Kelefis
Mi RoMia Kollia, YatzerDanai Dragonea, Giorgos Malekakis, Giorgos KelefisThe costumesAthina Nikis, Elena Psalti, Nicholas Georghiou, Markos Andriotis, Elena Papastavrou 
Demetrios Papadopoulos, Eleni Fotopoulou 
Freddy Kalobratsos

Workshopaholics 2011_12
Elena papadopoulou, Marina Zamzara, Elena Mavromichali, Sotiria Stavropouloy, Eleni Fotopoulou
Pavlos Satsidis, Vassia Asimakopoulou, Eleni Fotopoulou