David Bowie in V & A Museum

Text: Eleni Fotopoulou

Four decades ago David Bowie appeared to the world of fame and glam and a new era in music began. Beautiful in a strange and unsual way the sexually ambiguous young David with the very thin waist, the flame orange hair, the pale makeup and the silk jumpsuits started his music career and quickly, turned to a huge star that looked totally diferrent from any other artist until that time.

This spring the Victoria&Albert Museum is set to honour the musician David Bowie with an exhibition of his spectacular stage costumes. Bowie will help to curate the exhibition with many of the costumes loaned from the mega-star’s personal collection.

“Bowie is a pioneer not just in music, but also of rock theatre, videos, internet and digital downloads,” said the exhibition’s co-creator, Victoria Broackes. “He’s always personally and actively involved in everything that he creates and he is continuously cited as an influence by artists, designers and performers. This influence on music, fashion, visual and virtual culture, which seems if anything to be growing, links him directly to almost every subject area the V&A covers”.

The museum has been allowed into Bowie’s vast private archive in New York and given unprecedented access to some 60,000 items – costumes, photographs, designs, instruments, films – from which it has chosen around 300 for the show next spring. These exclusive items contain from costumes to handwritten lyrics and they create the first international retrospective of the musician’s incredible career.

The show will follow his humble beginnings as a Brixton unknown named David Jones, through the rise and fall of Ziggy Stardust, cover his Berlin years and Pop star comeback in the 1980’s.

David Bowie exhibition starts in March 23 and lasts until July 28 2013.