Marc Jacobs Spring 2013

A letter to Marc Jacobs by a true fanatic
Text: Elena Psalti
Photos via

Dear Mr. Marc Jacobs,

I am writing in reference to your spring/ summer collection for the year 2013.

In my imaginary world, the 60’s never ended and Edie Sedgwick is still alive and kicking! From the silver short hair and the beauty mark on her cheek to her anorexic figure, this “poor little rich girl” is an icon I can’t get over. But when I’ve read that your last show was all about the Factory years, I’ve doubted.

Marc Jacobs v.s. the most copied fashion decade? Boring. How fool and naive I’ have been..

This show was a stripes fever! They were vertical stripes and horizontal stripes: Thin stripes and thick stripes, red, yellow and black stripes. But as unflattering it may sound, those girls looked damn sexy! And made all of your fans, lusting for summer to join this op-art party!

So, Mr. Marc Jacobs I’m apologizing for being unfaithful. I swear, if only I could have one of those last long black and white dresses, I will never doubt about you again.

Yours sincerely,

Elena Psalti

P.s. : we both love “Qui êtes vous Polly Maggoo ?”, don’t we?