The exhibition

Photo: Vangelis Kyris
An accomplished and great artist that i was lucky enough to start my career with. Here is one of my fisrt pictures. I was only 14 at the time. I am thrilled to pass my experience to my dear workshopaholics and give them the chance to work with this wonderful photographer. The “Inspiration 20’s” section of the Graduation Exhibition is photographed by Vangelis and overlooked by Nicholas Georghiou. 

Tomorrow is the Graduation exhibition of our 2011_12 workshopaholics. The last few days we have all been working really hard for the big day. My dear friend Elena Mavromihali did an excellent job for the curation. FWBVK teachers Nicholas Georghiou, Dada Ioannidou, Victoria Karvouni and Genevieve Majari with our graduates have been here (at the Fashion Workshop) for many many hours: costumes, photos of Genevieve Majari and Vengelis Kyris all in place.

Tomorrow night will be a great night: Tsantali wines and Fresh Pastry Shops will spice up our party. Thank you so much for  your support! All the spotlights will be on the 40 workshopaholics who managed to evolve, to specialize in the amazing fields of fashion, to upgrade their ethics and aesthetics and learn that expression through art and fashion gives them the self confidence they need. Young, talented, kind, well educated and trained, they are ready to work in the fashion industry. Actually, most of them are already in the fashion arena of major magazines, PR agancies and fashion houses.

September 14th will be a moving night. My workshopaholics, teachers, colleagues, the people i love, respect and work with, will be here with us. Fashion designers, photographers, art directors and stylists will put their hands together for the next generation of fashion. See you all tomorrow!


P.S.: New workshopaholics are already getting ready for the FWBVK experience. Wnna join? Find all about it here.

 Last night: the preparation of the exhibition: 

Nicholas GeorghiouGetting ready! Victoria Karvouni (center) with workshopaholics. At right, Genevieve Majari Elena Mavromihali. Vassilis Karidis 
Elena Mavromihali, Dada Ioannidou