New column: VisualBlender

Text_illustrations: Markos Andriotis

Think of this weekly column as a stomach: the food goes there, after swollen and blended as it is, we finally digest it. Same goes here, with the images we see, in the best street style blogs and snapshots, straight through my camera. So stomach as it is, VisualBlender blends and creates moodboards that inspire you, giving you space to take notes on how forwarders do it.

The breakingthrough part is that actually I want to create a tool we communicate visually, rather than another re-post space.(Gosh how many blogs underestimate their viewers and gives them work of others, like they can’t find the original source themselves!#dislike) Here we can have a chat and actually send me your street style pictures or detailing snaps so we can re-invent the direction of street style and see yourself as a part of a creative blend! In this mail i look forward to see your pictures:

So, lets do the catch up! It’s not what is going on these days, but how fast it happens. Fashion week in NY has started, Tommy Tom has lost his sleep and vitamin supplements sell like crazy.

Dello Russo sold her soul, oh sorry, her signature style to H&M and fashion people try to make Goth work in an outfit. Embellishment is an old friend, as i said months ago, and this season we all try to look like a moving Fabergé egg. Zara and other high str stores seem to believe that we all have to join the Army and in the meantime prints feel like these school pictures we store but we never want to see them again. Interesting textures from the other hand, is another story. Speaking of stories, some girls (i don’t know any) might choose Granny Geek for their reinvention of their wardrobe. But i know many girls who dress up like space cowboys at office, you know who you are 😉

Many options, you choose. We all want to look good though at the end of the day. C ya!