Obsessed: Evmorfia Savvaidi

I was always trying to make thematic obsessions but as soon as I thought about it, miscellaneous topics had already inundated my obsessions. But that means getting obsessed: no limits, no specific topics.

Your energy meets your lust’s energy and it feels like you were chosen somehow simultaneously. After that I’m not sure if you can save yourself. My obsessions are my medicine, though.

“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” Oprah Winfrey

National Anthem is on the repeat 2 days, so far. Probably, I’ve listened to it at least 91938638 times.
• Dree Hemingway proves that is flexiblein front of Terry Richardson’s lens. I can feel the pain!
Photo: Terry Richardson

• Taylor Tomasi Hill, or TTH to her beloved fans, is likely my greatest source of inspiration. I collected with so much love and fondness some of her appearances in order to prove you her greatness. YEAH, GREATNESS!

• Then I discovered this swimsuit, which is so sexy and so American apparel.

• I love boobs, so I love Kate Upton too. Carine Roitfeld picked out the bombshell to be featured in the debut issue of CR Fashion Book and I couldn’t be anything less but thrilled.

• Summing it up, here are some underwater stories by Danielle Levitt. She documents subcultures and for Oyster’s 100th issue she photographed synchronized swimmers in Walnut Creek, California. So delicate result! Someday, I’m going to create a photo-scrapbook with underwater photos. Already written on my to-do list.