SKG*: Anna Spanaki

SKG*: Airport of Thessaloniki IATA code

Text_Illustration: Billy Hazel

Even if we know that Athens is the center of Greece where everything happens there, Thessaloniki comes to compete the greek capital and leave it’s own mark.Although there aren’t a lot of designer stores you can find a lot of small ones with inspiring shopping windows and decorations, full of clothes and accessories you can’t even imagine.

SPANAKI┬ábegun in 2010 combining love for graphics and handmade things. It is based on the idea of producing environmentally friendly products. SPANAKI items are made from reused time lasting materials and ecological consciousness. Every bag and accessory is well thought for it’s use, size, material and color. The inspiration comes from the daily life like books, magazines and vinyls. Items changed in unexpected shapes and ways giving the unique character of every bag and earring.

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