Lana Del Rey: The ultimate Lizzy Grant

Portrait above: Terry Richardson

Lana Del Rey is GQ’s Woman of the year. A truly thrill – seeker and a global phenomenon given her verdict on the pop culture.

Text: Evmorfia Savvaidi
Photos: Mariano Vivanco for GQ, September issue

Music is just feelings, memories and a way to find your inner self. It’s not about the pop music or the hip-hop or whatever. I’m not a specialist in music, I just listen. Listen and feel. While I was listening to Video Games, I wondered what’s so beguiling about Lana Del Rey? Or what’s so beguiling about GQ’s Woman of the year? People spent so much time judging her, writing reviews, finding photos before and after the surgeon knife (even sonically?) and maybe they forgot to hear her songs.

As GQ said aptly: “If anyone here is the Svengali behind the phenomenon of Lana Del Rey, it’s Lana Del Rey. Or rather Elizabeth Grant.” Because, Elizabeth Grant could write a book about what people think of her, still her real story spoken by herself is much more intriguing and…real.

“When I was young I felt really overwhelmed and confused by the desire not to end up in an office, doing something I didn’t believe in.”


Apparently, Lizzy Grant ended up doing what she really believes in. So, why do we have to blame her? She was seeking for adventures and experiences to get involved; not only because of the curiosity every teenager may have, but also to get discover herself. Or even create it.

“We’d ride motorbikes or go somewhere. It’s amazing what happens when you put your interests out into the universe and make it known what you want – you just have to know what it is. For me, I didn’t want anything except to feel new every day. I wanted to try different things. I felt alive. But you have to put limits on. You can’t go too far with it.”

At the age of 14 she got sent to boarding school to get sober and then as a 18-year-old recovering alcoholic schoolgirl found it so fucking cool wandering in the alleys and meeting strangers. Besides, Lana says that a great deal of what she wrote on Born To Die is about these wilderness years. Regarding her hobby, she calls it “stranger searching”.

“I’ve never understood this controversy about whether [Del Rey] is real or fake. All artists have a persona. She’s not put together by some company. These are her songs, her melodies, her singing – she’s always had this Sixties aesthetic.”Rapper Princess Superstar


Soul mates are food for thought for Del Rey because she thinks there’s more than one for everybody and a good reason to declare herself a polygamous thrill-seeker. Lana’s first love was alcohol.

‘‘I could meet one person, but like other people too. I’ve seen it happen before: people who have their true loves, with many great loves around them.”

Lizzy never complied with normal. Her lust is to be a distant traveler in life, discerning the weirdness and get initiated in it. Her expressive voice, her eyes and her 60s aura constitute an almost eerie figure proficient in seduction.

Concerning her naked photos in GQ (regardless of the magazine’s identity), I can see a figuratively allusion, as far as she unveils herself always along with some hidden parts. Maybe Lana Del Rey changed throughout the years and she’ll keep change but probably this is negligible. Her music is so effective, almost dangerous and I can’t help but yield.