Vodafone loves fashion: the exams

Vodafone covering the tuitions for 4 workshopaholics for the upcoming academic year 2012-13 at Fashion Workshop is a huge deal. A potential workshopaholic would never turn down such a great opportunity, right?

Exams took place yesterday morning in FWBVK headquarters and several young boys and girls participated. Studying hard is rule No1 and future workshopaholics came prepared to claim a place at Fashion Workshop. PS: as a graduate workshopaholic i would like to confess that you are truly lucky: not only for the chance to study for free, but the bless to build a career in fashion industry next to the best.

Vicky and the professors were there to welcome all of them and of course to discuss possible questions.

Good luck to all! The results will be announced by next week. See you all on the 6th of September, at the first Open Day of this season!

Christiana Belba