Wake me up when September ends, but why? Summer is over! So what? Maybe you find me a little apathetic but here’s a thing: I screamed, I cried, I asked God why(?) but no answer.

A new era just started and a cliché to fill out my thought: Life is a circle. You need autumn to reorganize your thoughts, your feelings (ooooh summer loves!), your plans, your ideas, yourself .

Summer found me so cool, so…whatever and now I need a subtle power to boost me! I have so many ideas, so many goals to accomplish! I’m really glad Obsessions are getting evolved. Just have a look at Obsessions #01. Omg, 14 weeks just passed.

Concerning the cover, I chose Imogen Bailey captured by her husband, Lachlan Bailey, in 2011. A photo that highlights a turning point, because Imogen was 8 months pregnant and as Lachland has declared: “It was a very special time for both of us, full of anticipation and excitement for what was ahead of us”. This quote is Obsessions #15! Ok, I’m not pregnant, yet I’m full of anticipation and excitement for what is ahead of us. Autumn here we go!

No Green Day today! Only a little bit of Yann Tiersen.

This week is all about experimenting. Learning Photoshop on my own is so annoying an experience. Just before save my fantastic JPG and everything is gone, I created a collage in Photoshop overhauling my patience standards. My favorite summer photo (that’s me!) along with a pool image by Rosanna Webster were my “laboratory animals”.

After introducing you in Greek poetry, I got involved in English poetry too. As always…


It seems that total-black looks are going to conquer my wardrobe. I’m really obsessed with how different textures in the same color, work together. Well, here we’re getting obsessed! What did you expect? Another kind of collage I created with some of my favorite items for Fall. Just to know, I was planning to wear the coat itself. No other clothes!

Tip: Leave your hair inside the coat!

 Helmut Lang coat, Isabel Marant Betty hi tops, Celine bag

I hate Baroque but those Miu Miu slippers are extraordinary! In my head they’re already paired with a pair of leather pants.

Kasia Smutniak wearing Valentino in Venice Film Festival. The Polish actress opted for a delicate bun and natural make – up. Perfection!

Evmorfia Savvaidi

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