SKG*: Nati Mati

SKG*: Airport of Thessaloniki IATA code

Thessaloniki’s fashion and style evolves day by day impressing everyone with fresh faces, designers and ideas always looking forward. Shops pop up constantly and each of them gives a different taste. There are so many you have to visit the city center and find them out. You will be amazed!

Nati Mati shop has totally got the potentials of a shop in Paris. The romantic interior and the beautiful eye catching shopping windows make you want to explore it. Located in the center of the city, Nati Mati is known for its special and stylish clothes, bags and shoes. The advantage of this store is that every piece comes in limited numbers and high quality designs and fabrics. Always up to date, whenever you have the chance to visit it you can find something new, different and unique. A wide range od accessories (bracelets and necklaces)makes your looks even better.

Nati Mati: 40 Proxenou Koromila str, Thessaloniki

Billy Hazel

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