Princess charming

Fifteen years after her death, Princess Diana, a legend, a star, a style icon and a pop culure figure, still dazzles. The photos presented here, by Mario Testino, were her last. Except from the paparazzi ones…

Demetrios Papadopoulos

“A stunning portfolio of Princess Di’s new look”. The title on the cover of Vanity Fair July 1997 issue embraced the changes that Lady Di would never experience – apart from the new haircut. The shooting took place at Kensington Palace and clothes were designed by one of Diana’s favorite designers, esigner Catherine Walker.

“It would have to be Princess Diana, it took my career to another level.”, Mario Testino

Mario Testino said about the photo shooting: “I tried to determine what would make the sitting special. I said to her: It’s really difficult for me to call you Ma’am because I call my mother ma’am and you’re younger than me. She just said call me Diana. And I thought it’s odd that I have the possibility and opportunity to be sitting next to her in a very private way, in a very intimate way. We started chatting and I said let’s do it as if we’re just having a conversation, the two of us, on the sofa. And that’s how I started photographing her.”