Back already?

• How was your summer?

A few days of holidays were more than enough for me. I was glad that you kept telling me about your vacations on twitter and facebook. Beautiful beaches, fancy bars, new restaurants, hidden places and tips about Greek summer. This is why, i gathered your information and the best of my memories in a farewell summer post:

The magical moment when sun dives into the sea. Call me classic but Santorini’s Oia is the best place to capture this eternal moment.

I love traditional sandals. They are easy to wear, comfortable and stylish. Melissinos in Monastiraki, Athens is my first stop on summer: handmade sandals in great colors and textures.

You all know that i’m a huge fan of ice -cream! Gelato Sulla Luna in Paros and Dai Dadi in Syros serve amazing gelato which tastes like heaven.

Crete is known for its pureness, loving places and the amazing people! Raki is their traditional drink, best served chilled but be aware because its alcohol percentage is relatively high!

Greek “mezedes”
So many places, so little time! I suggest you pay i visit to Tinos, and especially Isternia, where “Thalassaki” cooks traditional plates with a gourmet twist that you will love!

Lollo’s in Antiparos is the authentic pizza, or pinza as they call it! Crisp,super yummy, fresh ingredients! Staying in Antiparos, a boutique suitable for a little shopping spree is Zali. Extra tip: the limited edition sandals workshopaholics created can be found there! So proud!

Greece is a country full a unique beaches, beautiful places to swim. My favorite is Falasarna in Chania, Crete.

My most favorite island. Read all about it here.

Time to get back on track. September is only a few days far and this season will be extraordinary. Just wait and see!

Vicky Kaya
Photos: Genevieve Majari

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