H&M Kids

Fashion does not discriminate based on age. H&M is a living proof of that hypothesis, especially when it comes to satisfying its younger but equally demanding audience. A limitless variety of colors, a big range of prints and a plentiful selection of shoes and accessories are what in general describes this fall’s campaign.

Images of little guys smiling while wearing bright colored pants, plaid shirts, striped sweaters and blazers are cute enough to make your day. Meanwhile the little girls have so much fun wearing fabulous furs, rock n roll leather jackets and romantic dresses. Kids can be creative and express their inner fashionista by using all the provided options. Oxford shoes, ballerinas and booties, cloche hats, fedoras and berets, suspenders and bow-ties are the clue that can transform every appearance to a very personal and stylish one.

Summer is almost over my little friends but don’t worry. Back to school is fun and stylish!

Mary Giatra

Mary loves children (and their outfits)