From worksite to workshop

A summer to remember

People always talk about new year’s resolution, but I want to confess the biggest resolution in my life, what later would be named Fashion Workshop and happened on summertime. A space open to education, creativity, personal evolution and a curriculum that highlights fashion. Having worked in fashion markets all over the world, i imagined creating a fashion school: prints, illustrations, texts, creative experimentation, studies on fashion journalism, history of art, history of costume. Freddy was the first to tell me: “go for it”.

The center of Athens with the amazing buildings of various architectural styles and the mixed crowd –vivid and troubled, seemed to be the ideal location. Walking for hours, asking, searching, rejecting, searching again. When I finally decided that Riga Palamidou and Sarri building was what I needed, construction teams started working day and night. In the meantime the best professionals were to become the best professors: Dada Ioannidou, Nicholas Georghiou, Konstantinos Varvitsiotis, Genevieve Majari, Elena Mavromihali and Mia Kollia. They came along, shared the passion, designed their curriculum, their workshop, their guests and lectures.

Anxiety and anticipation: will people trust us? Will there be applications? I addressed to Georges Demos, the international Director of Fashion TV. It would be great if Fashion Workshop operated under the umbrella of the biggest fashion channel. They agreed, so even more meetings and brainstorming were to come.

A red staircase, white walls, minimal aesthetic.  Press conferences, attendants briefings, teachers meetings. Time was going by and, magically, everything was put together and the red door opened to welcome people who are passionate about fashion, who are creative, who are always willing to learn more and more about art, history, design. Among them, me too.

Vicky Kaya