Style profile: Miroslava Duma

The new “it” girl comes from the cold steppes of Russia, and even though she is not taller than 160cm, her style outshines the other, modelesque fashion icons.

Daughter of a wealthy Russian family, Miroslava Duma aka Mira (for her friends) invests a lot of money enriching her wardrobe; Chanel suits and bags, Chloe dresses, Louboutin shoes –signed by the designer himself-, are some of her favourite pieces, which she knows exactly how to mix them together for the perfect outcome.

Her fashion popularity has reached its pinnacle the past year with many magazines worldwide dedicating to the favourite girl of Tommy Ton, Scott Schuman aka The Sartorialist and Garance Dore, full pages praising her exquisite fashion sense.

Her blog, Buro 24/7, constitutes one of the most successful fashion blogs and Mira’s presence at the Fashion Weeks is constant. Currently, Miroslava is working as a freelancer editor for Tatler Magazine, OK (Russia) and Glamour (Russia), she lives at the Plaza Hotel in New York with her husband and their little, two-year old boy, and she likes to hydrate herself with many bottles of water! Nothing else to do but imitate her!

Marina Zamzara

Watch the video of her collaboration with Tommy Ton for Symphony SS12 campaign in Dubai.