What about the cover? An underwater photo by Rosanna Webster took its turn in obsession’s spotlight. My rampant fantasy is pretty sure that the photo was captured when it was winter.

For the first time in Obsessions, a Greek song, sealing the end of the summer and reminding us of the endless blue, our endless blue. A Greek poem by Odysseas Elytis in order to sharpen your wits. I get always enchanted by poems inspired by love affairs. Awkward moment: I rarely end up happy after reading a poem. Poems trigger memories and leaven your wildest thoughts; an art to express your deepest pain.


Back to my materialism tensions, Ros Georgiou steps into that Acne shearling jacket. It’s not black, yet a dark color matching much of everything. I got obsessed with it mostly because of its material and its balk. A little oversized. A little.


Maybe I’ve heard stories and stories about Jack Kerouac’s book, “On the Road” but when I came up with the photo of the original manuscript I was shocked. I’ve always been fascinated by history, especially when myths and old stories liven up in front of my eyes.

Extra info: the book is typewritten on one long scroll reaching 36 meters and it was written between April 2 and April 22 1951. (Only) 125.000 words.


Step forward to close obsessions #14: lace – up heels by Giuseppe Zanotti evoked me those memorable Alaia ones.


Regarding those Givenchy boots, I love the contrast between leather and bare legs, especially with shapely knees. Superb!

Evmorfia Savvaidi

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