Lately, I’m obsessed with jewelry, especially earrings. Then, I have self – destructive tensions: Ι am seeking for a reason to use “space” hansaplasts! (not good). After that, while wandering at the super – market (I love going at the super – market) I fell in love with the biggest Nivea crème, I’ve ever seen. Holidays are over, this time for good and except for obsessed, I’m depressed too.

Anyhow, sharing my obsessions is kind of relief, in a period of time that my head is inundated by really bad things.

By the way, I’m a fluorescent adolescent!

After a silly polaroid embracing a real python (yeaaah!), on an excursion in high school, the only reason I would loom a snake again, is Ileana Makri‘s python ring. Thereafter, you could say you love adventures. So do I!


Chanel Boy bag recently added in my obsession list, yet my number one priority has one name: Celine forever and ever.

An eagle statue designed in November 1970 by Cartier.

In Transmission’s debut issue, Kasia Struss strikes different poses in front of Dylan Forsberg’s lens, in Thailand.


Probably, the coolest proposal ever! Don’t you think?


Finally, a “scruffy” outdoor area: natural atmosphere, wood and concrete. Speechless!

Evmorfia Savvaidi

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