Pat on the patio

A sunny afternoon with a fashion guru

February 13th was a very special day as the incredible stylist and businesswoman Patricia Field visited the FWBVK to share her experiences with us.

She walked in casually dressed, smiling and talking to everyone. We were all a bit shocked, fair enough if you ask me, as the opportunity to meet and talk to a legend like her is quite rare.

She didn’t have a speech prepared, she was just standing up and answering our questions, imagine a casual conversation between the woman who changed the way women dress (due to the super hit “Sex and the city”) and her fans.

My work is to support, not dictate

Truth is that Patricia Field has done a lot of impressive jobs besides the uber stylish TV series or the “Devil wears Prada” that most of people don’t know.  Over 40 years of experience, costume designer’s awards and many other accomplishments, but the most impressive thing someone notices when interacting with Patricia Field is the incredibly simple, cool, genius woman. A true star in fashion industry, a pioneer, keen in helping young people who dream a fashion career.

She advised us to truly believe in ourselves and our creativity. She mentioned a test and advised us to take the time and do it. The test “define yourself” is also available in her blog in order to inspire more people.

Everybody had a question to ask, my question was if she ever get tired of fashion and weather there are times that she wants to disappear and do nothing… Or not!  She naturally said she gets tired and wants to do other things. Always creative though.

Her next step? Well, this is Patricia Field. You cannot be certain. There is one thing that is certain though, her passion for life (and fashion) is never going to end and she will always be an inspiration for workshopaholics.

Ps: Many thanks to Pat herself for being there for us, and many thanks to FWBVK for making a(nother) dream come true.

Christianna Belba