Sun of a beach

One thing that Greek people know very well is summer. So, apart from the swimsuit, we’ve learned how to pay attention in our entire beach look. An essential thing for our excursions to the sea is the towel. In this part, fashion designer Melina Pispa and the stylist Ellie Rountou are here to help us, by creating the brand “sun of a beach”, in which they suggesting us towels of 100% Egyptian cotton.

Their imaginative designs and colors, which are inextricably tight to our summer mood, as well as their unique quality, will captivate you for sure. And the best part is that the line has towels for kids and grown-ups, girls and boys!

Summer is still here, so get into and make them yours. Your appearances at the beach will be even more special.

Konstantina Livaditi

Don’t be sad! Summer isn’t over yet. Find your ideal swimwear and get ready for Open Day!