Some weeks before summer says bye bye, oh well, let me introduce you to some summer obsessions. Again! And again! I crave a place where is always summer. Bonus: some uniseason obsessions (unisex + season). My post, my words people!

The song I “sang” and danced most this summer. But, I don’t know French (yet). That’s why I “sang”, not sang! Spot the difference!

In the first place, that’s Dree. Dree Hemingway. All time favorite. I love her hair. Love Love Love. She attended the premiere of Camille Redouble by Noemie Lvovsky at the 65th annual Locarno Film Festival competition in Switzerland. In a Marc Jacobs dress. In a Marc Jacobs dress paired with canvas sneakers. Every sentence becomes better and better.

Then, it’s Phillip Lim lingerie. This sheerness, this color, this cut can drive me crazy.

I’m currently in love with palm trees and this clutch reciprocates to my Hawaiian obsession. Mokolua clutch.

Clean, minimal and 2 in 1 this black leather iPad case by Rick Owens is a worthy investment (it’s price tag requires word “investment”). In case you don’t have an iPad, use it as a clutch.

Super excited with mythes et constellations happy families card game, by Hermes. Does anyone know the instructions?

I love summer photos as well – oh Evmorfia tell me something that you don’t love, anyway?. Even if Genevieve Majari taught us that every single photo is contrived I can’t be indifferent in the view of Marily Monroe, looking so happy and childish in front of Sam Shaw’s lens. Marilyn Monroe by Sam Shaw in 1958.

Finally, these Givenchy “Etoile” earrings (Fall 2012) reminded me that it was “diamonds” that sent me in Paris, once, also known as Fashion Tv. Thank you Vicky! Thank you Fashion Tv!

Evmorfia Savvaidi

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