Styling for TV and advertising 

What an interesting lecture! The stylist works as a costume designer in TV productions and spots. The relations with the director, the art director, the cast, the set decorator and directors of photography are some points which need to be discussed. This is why director Christos Kanakis, many times awarded creative director Yola Gyftoula, Vicky Kaya, model of more than 100 commercials and founder of FWBVK and Sandra Alexandrakidiscussed with Nicholas Georghiou and Mia Kollia about the fascination of working at the TV, films and advertising world.

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Vicky Kaya for Lancia

Yola Gyftoyla for Aegean

Sandra Alexandraki for Cosmote

Christos Kanakis for Vodafone CU

Vicky Kaya starring at a 1994 commercial