The Lindsay factor

Photo: Mario Testino for Vanity Fair, February 2006

From a cute kiddo to a HAWT mess and from an actress to a professional jewel thief. The question is why do we all love the Lindsay Factor?

Sinner or a saint? Lindsay for Purple Magazine. Photo: Terry Richardson

The girl is a true disaster. Truth said. But she is so more than that. She is a hot [hawt!] mess who always seem lost and in the middle of a party, even when she goes to grab a starbucks coffee at 8p.m.

In the streets her hair are messy, long beautiful and MESSY (keyword2) . But the Lindsay Factor refers to this: on the red carpet her hair might look fancy but we all know that she is gonna end up with filthy hair and that’s hot. That spirit is what we all wanna have, when down and low. The Lindsay Factor boosts our thoughts into a positive end: messy and hawt as the inner survivor.

Personally the Lindsay Factor got me out of my bed after my last split up (I was looking really disorientated, trust me) and I went to the supermarket to buy a nivea eye cream, just to pamper myself. I felt accepted and cute as my look was nothing else but pajamas and eyewear#LindsayFactor.

Another thing I admire on the girl is that she learns from her mistakes. I can prove that: the first time police took her for the well-known prisoner photo, she posed like a looser. After that, every other photo under similar circumstances is like a Vanity-fair cover. Injected lips, cheekbones lifted and brows at the right color.

amateur VS pro 

Thank you Lindsay, go on living out of jail and keep surprising me.

Markos Andriotis