Anna Piaggi: an eccentric muse

“I feel better if I have a good hat on”

We will remember her from the kiss-curled blue hair, the pencil-ringed eyes, and her fantastic hats. She was unmistakable and unmistakably influential.

Anna Piaggi is counting more than 7000 editorial pages in Italian Vogue and Vanity Fair Magazines. She usually carried several props with her as accessories and she wore crazy headwear.

Piaggi began her career in journalism in the late 1950’s, when she brazenly approached Elizabeth Taylor at La Scala to ask for an interview. By the 1970’s she wrote regularly for Vogue Italia and had cemented her place in the fashion world with her over-the-top outfits.

Anna Piaggi was a divinor of trends, designers’ muse and style icon. In 2006, she had an exhibition, “Fashion-ology“, at the Victoria and Albert museum in London. The exhibition looked at Piaggi’s trend naming: fashion-ology refers to her idiosynchratic way of looking at clothes. With her own take on scientific precision, an attitude rather than a method, she has, for over 30 years, told the new stories about fashion.

One thing is for sure. Without Anna, fashion world will never be the same again.

 Among her closest friend were Karl Lagerfeld, Manolo Blahnik and Stephen Jones.

Her collection includes 2,865 dresses, 265 pairs of shoes, 31 feather boas and 932 hats!

Christina Zygouri