Obssessions#11: the Naxos project

Previously on Obsessions I was on vacation in Naxos. Now, stuck in Athens, I just remember some glorious moments worthy shared. Summer is on its way “home”, yet I can’t say goodbye!

To be honest, I didn’t take many photos, because I was busy – mostly – living the moment. I don’t know if photos need any words, nonetheless the sound of waves, the taste of the sea salt, this awful emotion when you swallow sea water or those sunset orange shades reflecting on your eyes just can’t be compared to depictions.

But I’m a photo maniac and photos arouse memories; they keep them alive and vivid, they tell stories without any words. After all, the most wonderful moments can’t be described.

Just for the record, Naxos is my favorite island, my summer-destination-obsession. I already count down for summer 2013. In Naxos. Again!

Photos taken by my dslr camera and my iPhone.

 View from our balcony 

Waffle House Naxos

My hair, just like flames


My future house 

 Saint Prokopis beach 

Evmorfia Savvaidi