Summer vintage: Niagara

Marilyn Monroe’s death remains one of Hollywood’s most obscure mysteries but her legend lives on more luminous, more vibrant and more alive than ever.

Norma Jeane Mortenson aka Marilyn, was born on June 1st 1926 in Los Angeles. She never met her father and her mother had to give Marilyn up; she couldn’t raise her due to financial instability and a serious mental illness she suffered from. At the age of nine she had to enter the foster care system and was finally adopted two years later.

 photo: Bert Stern (1962)

In 1942 she got married for the first time to James Dougherty, who didn’t approve of the modeling career she had already started. Marilyn divorced him in 1946 and her rise to fame began. Having changed her image, she became a hot blond from a dull brunette, and caught the eye of many producers and entered the movies world. She signed her first contract which offered her 125$ a week and made her debut in the movie “The Shocking Miss Pilgrim”. She continued modeling, singing and acting but her role in the movie “Love Nest” introduced her to a wider audience. Her alluring image along with her childish innocence ravished the viewers, but the movie critics noticed her when she finally adopted her new image, the platinum locks, the beauty mark and the voluptuous figure in the movie “Monkey Business”. By 1952 she had become the ultimate Hollywood movie star, a style icon and the number one blonde bombshell.

 photo: Bert Stern (1962)

In 1953 she starred in “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” and the male audience fell in love with her. Joe DiMaggio was among them and married her in 1954 but their marriage lasted only nine months. The movies “There’s No Business Like Show Business” and “The Seven Year Itch” followed. By 1956, when she participated in the movie “Bus Stop”, she had proven to be a talented comedian and a good dramatic actress. Then she married the writer Arthur Miller and their marriage lasted four years. In 1957 she travelled in Great Britain where she starred in the movie “The Prince and the Showgirl” and in 1959 in the comedy “Some Like it Hot”.

photo: Bert Stern (1962)

Three years afterwards, in 1962, Fox chose her to star with Dean Martin in the movie “Something’s Got to Give”. They began filming but due to her inconsistency she was dismissed on June 8th. Marilyn was a wreck, feeling that her career was falling apart she was isolated in her house in Los Angeles. A few weeks later, on August 5th 1962, she was found dead lying on her bed naked. She was only 36 years old…

photo: Richard Avedon (1957)

Without a shadow of a doubt, Marilyn Monroe is a 21st century pop culture phenomenon. Her image is recognized and worshiped as much as it was at the pick of her career. Designers, writers, actresses and singers, men and women around the world get inspired by her and preserve her legacy. Her look is a equivalent to femininity and her beauty is timeless. We chose four of her most stylish looks in four different movies which we strongly recommend. Here’s to summer’s most nostalgic week, dedicated to Marilyn. Here is the first one, Niagara.

Mary Giatra

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