Ferragamo for San Marino

Fashionable olympics

The upcoming Olympic games are, besides a celebration of sports, wins and competition,a treat for the eye too, as famous designers around the globe, designed the uniforms athletes will be wearing. Stella McCartney for England, Ralph Lauren for U.S.A., Hermès for French Equestrian team and the surprise came from the small Republic of San Marino, whose uniforms are designed by the famous Italian house Salvatore Ferragamo. “Outfits for every occasion” is the message carrying the collection of blazers and shirts in blue and cream colors. The house is famous for its footwear which are made of nappa leather with signature Vara bow that proudly presents its history. Last but not least the famous bag of the brand “Sofia” is especially produced in a small size for this occassion. Chic outfits coming up in the Olympics and we cannot wait!

Christianna Belba