I am a workshopaholic!

It’s ten o’ clock in the morning in Psyrri and the city is already on fire. The heat that is passing from the hot concrete through my shoe soles and burns my feet, is a good enough reason for me to run towards the school. Its my last day. I arrive at the industrial loft on Sari street, a place that seems like heaven during the athenian summer, and I can’t even realize how fast the past few weeks have passed.

I remember my heart beating fast the first time I rang the doorbell of the heavy metallic door. When I opened it, I realized exactly why I should be there. A big and bright staircase covered with red carpet and on the top of it was Vicky, smiling at me. I am all about dramatic entrances, I know. This is how the journey began. Almost one hundred hours of class. Fashion Journalism, History of Styling and Costume, Photography, Art, Makeup, Illustration, Fashion Terminology…

There were one hundred hours full of knowledge and we were standing all ears in front of our teachers, ready to absorb every piece of information like sponges. “Come on guys, how many dots can there be in just one paragraph and how much innuendo can we use? Give the information, straight and simple!”, Mia Kollia was constantly accentuating during the Fashion Journalism class. “We always cross-check guys and we study hard!”, Dada Ioannidou was saying passionately while teaching us the History of Styling and Costume. What about Genevieve Majari at the history of Photography class, “Do you realize how Avedon changed the history of Photography?”, she was rhetorically asking!

Every moment of learning was so dense that after the class we felt exhausted, both exhausted and amazed! We entered a world where art and science become one. It is a world full of magic and creativity and we learned about some of the most important artists of the 20th century. We studied about the evolution of fashion and we realized that everything happens for a reason. But most of all, we were tought how to use the knowledge and become better people. In hard times, times of desperation, when words like fashion and art are correlated with luxury, I feel I have found a place where I can house my dreams and turn my fantasy into creativity. I have found a home and I cant wait to go back… Thank you guys

Mary Giatra

* fashination: excited about fashion

Mary will take part at Vodafone scholarships programme for the 2012_13 academic year. Send your application at info@fashionworkshop.gr or ask for more at 0030 210 3251.552. Examinations for Vodafone scholarships will take place on the 3rd of September.

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