Interview: Katerina Psoma

Little twists and the element of surprise is what describes best the vision of Katerina Psoma, the imaginative jewellery designer. On the occasion of the launch of her new website a very creative cooperation took place yesterday in the facilities of the “Fashion Workshop by Vicky Kaya” as stylists- workshopaholics prepared the shooting for her new website. We had the honor to talk about her work.

Interview to Mary Giatra
Backstage photos: Christianna  Belba 

 Vassia, Maria, Christianna and Christina at work

How did the collaboration with the “FYBVK” start?
I am constantly looking for new ideas to improve and renew my website. This time I was really looking for something fresh and vivid but I could’t find it. After having met the Fashion Workshop people, both students and teachers, I was convinced that this was the collaboration I was looking for. The place and it’s energy was something magical. New and wonderful ideas coming from young people with a big appetite for work. They created four different propositions mixing different styles and patterns. They were consistent, perfectly organized and the timing was ideal.

Are these the principles you are looking for in your work?
Absolutely! Enthusiasm combined with consistency is what transforms an idea into an image, into reality. Commitment, good programming and devotion. This is exactly what I found here when I met everybody and who knows maybe subconsciously I chose the Fashion Workshop, as they embody excitement with professionalism.

 Genevieve Majari and Katerina Psoma Happy times! 

 What does inspire you during the creation process and how would you describe the essence of your work?
Sophisticated and eclectic at the same time. I find inspiration in something different every time. A new place, a person, a movie, a state of mind. The raw materials talk to me. I love mixing many things which are contrasting at first look. This is my signature and I always try to “marry” bizarre elements, it challenges me and it interests me. I once spoke with Manuela Pavesi, PRADA’ s Fashion Coordinator, and we talked about fashion with a twist. Something sudden and the element of surprise is what creative-wise suits me.

What should people expect from your new website as the face of your company?
I am very excited about the new website which expresses my work in every way. I am expecting something radical, powerful and innovative image-wise, something that will shake you. It is a difficult task but when something challenges you, you have to give it all.

In order to have a good look and order online Katerina Psoma’s jewellery, you have to be a little patient. The fresh and renewed website will reach your screens in late September. Meanwhile, visit her facebook page.