La Battaglia della moda

With her name standing for “battle” in English, Giovanna Battaglia couldn’t be less than a fashion General. Her typical Italian style renders her one of the most easily recognizable fashion icons. Thus, it comes as no surprise why the street style photographers chase her like crazy during the fashion shows all around the world.

Giovanna started her career as a model, working mainly for D&G, and then became a member of the Italian Vogue team. She is currently working as a freelancer for W magazine- that’s why she moved to New York- and she has her own successful blog.

“We need some glamour again. If I see another minimalist show I’m like “okay, I’m done”. Give me some good glam, some new glamour.”

Giovanna Battaglia is never afraid of mixing up clothes. Classy and elegant, but always with a touch of eccentricity –she loves vivid patterns-, she manages to be always different, even though she may wear an old piece of clothing. Her capability in “recycling “garments stems from her strong sense of fashion and style. Never boring, Giovanna uses fashion in her own completely unique way.

A little more about Giovanna Battaglia…

• She can’t live without her heels. She doesn’t wear flats, except for the glamorous ones

• She enjoys buying hats for her younger brother Luigi from every country she visits

• As a lady, though, she enjoys more receiving gifts, especially from her boyfriend (aka the son of Carine Roitfeld, Vladmir Restoin-Roitfeld)

• She considers Marcel Duchamp a great artist, but she thinks that fashion and art are two different things

• She admires the style of Monica Vitti, Audrey Hepburn and her mother’s lawyer- always unpredictable!

Marina Zamzara