Cinderella shoe

The stiletto designer presented during Paris Fashion Week at the Palais Brogniart, the brand new Cinderella shoe, in celebration of Walt Disney Animation’s diamond reissue of their film, Cinderella, available on Blu-ray this October.

“Cinderella is not only an iconic character when it comes to beauty, grace and fairytale love, but also shoes,” the French designer said.

The classic shoe is redisigned by the famous shoemaker with a modern twist. Christian Louboutin used lace instead of glass to give to the shoes what every girl loves, a look of transparency. He also adorned them with butterfly designs at the vamp while the heel is covered by Swarovski little shiny crystals.

The Disney film wasn’t the only inspiration for the well known Red Sole Man. Louboutin, after looking  at the fairy tale itself he said: “Her character and her story dictated the design to me, it was all there in the pages and the words of this tale”.

Just 20 “contemporary Cinderella’s” will be lucky to wear the delicate lace slippers, as Disney has stated that only some lucky girls will be able to have the glamorous shoes all around the world. The details will be announced later this summer.

Last but not least, Louboutin’s collaboration with Disney, also includes a brand new 10-minute short film titled “The Magic of the Glass Slipper: A Cinderella Story” starring himself. “The movie is about how that shoe got invented by the person who is known as the Red Sole Man. Which is me”, he said chuckling.

Eleni Fotopoulou