Le carre Hermes book

The silk story Hermes legendary scarves relived

A true classics lover like me couldn’t hesitate in writing a post about Hermès scarves – Carre in French – a beautiful journey through silk, colors, elegance and time. A square piece of silk or cashmere blench if you prefer, measuring 90×90 cm, lighter than air weight, just 65 gram. The hems are hand stitched adding more to the feeling of luxury.

An Hermès scarf can portray the person’s mood wearing it; it can be twisted, folded, pleated, rolled, knotted. Endless choices of transformation for desires and passions served. Two individual scarf collections per year give more and more options.

Peter Dumas the creator of the scarf. In 1937 the Hermès house was celebrating its 100th year anniversary and it was then firstly introduced to the market. The first official carre as stated in the website of the brand is the “Jen Des Omnibus et des Dames Blanches”. After this, the story consists of more than 200,000 colors variety, over 25,000 unique designs, limited editions and annual themes.

“I hope no one ever forgets that it all began as a game”
Pierre Alexis Dumas


Hermes carre is the definition of style, the past, the present and the future brought together. It is a form of Art just as Andy Warhol turned celebrities and objects into art. Hermès plays around with colors and shades in order to bring out the glorious designs, total different from each other but at the same time looking extremely identical.

Christianna Belba

*Special thanks to Mia Kollia for lending me “The Hermes Carre” book.

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