madVMA backstage

Backstage at Mad Video Music Awards 2012 by Vodafone

• Position: Head backstage at Mad Video Music Awards 2012
Μood: Fun, fever, fun. Totally different from Madwalk.

• Impressions: It was the night I discovered I can dance, work, talk, drink the 9th coffee, and undress dancers all at the same time.


• Lessons: looking calmed down even if the world ends in 2’ helps everybody.

• True story: Skirts on men look good and not sissy

• Backstage story: for the Foureira scene Maria Zigouri (personal assistant of Apollonas Papatheoharis and aka “I can do everything” powergirl) and I, found out an outfit was missing, so we actually used a stapler and made a new one 10’ before the act.

Fun story: For some weird reason I couldn’t find hairdressers in order to dye bleach-blond all the dancers’ hair for Stan’s performance so me and Elena Papastavrou grabbed the sprays with shaking hands and the result was unexpectedly well. And we couldn’t stop laughing for the next 2 days.

Markos Andriotis

You can watch Mad VMA12 on Ant1