Probably at the day of reckoning, God would find me busy, obsessing. Besides, Ι can assure you that obsessions are likely to coincide with infinity.

Let me introduce you the first person in my entire obsession column so far:

Aymeline Valade for Balmain Fall 2012

A 25 years old, French – born and kind of newcomer Aymeline Valade seems to be quite seductive without doing much of anything; she is just really good at being herself. Nicolas Ghesquière has declared “seduced” by her, Craig McDean said that “her incredible ease at moving in front of the camera is not something many models have these days” and Alexander Wang confessed that “Aymeline is very special.

She’s the girl that I always think about, that I want to dress. When we met, I thought, “Let’s be friends”. She’s the kind of girl you want to sit down and have a conversation with. She’s not a flavor of the month, she’s a constant for me”. Extra hint: she came in the fashion’s spotlight last season, with a pre – Balenciaga makeover by Guido Palau – an undercut, which she loves.

Deborah Lippmann lacquers managed to enchant me in a glitter –ish way. The simplest way to update your daily denim- shorts and t-shirt ensemble.

It’s like I just discovered my waist; I’ve tied everything “normal” around it, so I always come up with new ways of knotting and tying.

Lightning bolt by Jake Bugg to electrify a bit your life.

The candles are so “unexpected” in such decorations but so matchy.

There is an underlying motto here: “I do whatever I want to!

Evmorfia Savvaidi

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