Style icon: Hanne Gaby Odiele

Some years ago models were just models. Catwalks, campaigns, editorials and that’s all.

And then came “models off duty”.  The models we glorified in the fashion magazines were now on the streets posing again, wearing their own clothes and having their very own personal style. Certainly, the most famous models off duty are those who are earning the most of money and how couldn’t they?

Their street style popularity raised their modeling demands. Without doubting their modeling talent, being a street style icon and a model off duty worthy mentioned, surely constitutes an outstanding privilege.

However, Hanne Gaby Odiele is one of those girls with an exceptional taste, but – honestly – above all a great talent in modeling: a truly stylish chameleon. Mixing pieces, you’ve never thought they could stand together, the 24 year-old  Belgian model draws inspiration from everything, while her style is mainly a result of “curiosity” on how different shapes, colors and textures work together; and they work really good.

Evmorfia Savvaidi