An amazing project

When the PR company Civitas and Nokia visited FWBVK we all knew that something really exciting was on the way for the workshopaholics.

Our “mission”: to find the most amazing and fashionable concept for LUMIA 800, the new Nokia smartphone. Students were divided to ten teams and only the three of them had the opportunity to travel to Mykonos and make our very own photoshoot exactly in the way we have thought and imagined the whole idea.

Those three projects are already uploaded at “Miss Bloom” and you had the chance to vote for the team and the concept you prefered more. Our team (Markos Andriotis, Polina Dimoliani and me) was finally the big winner in that contest. The joy, satisfaction and the proud we feel can not be described! We all did our best, we worked very hard and we enjoyed it at the same time!

It was a big challenge. We tried to be very focused and follow the details that NOKIA and Civitas gave us as a guide. Our team’s concept was a girl that spends her vacation in Mykonos and no matter what, she has a great time.¬†Markos, who is the stylist found the most suitable and fashionable outfits for our concept, while Polina and I as journalists wrote down the ideas and arranged all the details so that nothing could go wrong.

Genevieve Majari in action

Saturday May 26th was the shooting day and yes, I have to confess, it was an amazing (again) and a very creative day because we all worked as professionals with the photographer and teacher Genevieve Majari, the chief and leader of the project.

Special thanks and a lot of kisses to our lovely, gorgeous, friendly and sweet model Weronica. With a smile on her face and the most joyful mood she posed for three different concepts in one day under the hot sun… that was really amazing (NIVEA products protected us from sunburning)! Weronica, we could’t have a better LUMIA girl! Thank you!

The coordination between the teams was needed and fortunately the cooperation in all three teams was even better than expected – it was a project full of funny moments, creativity and above all professionism.

Saturday night, after the shoot had been successfully done, Civitas and Nokia managers offered us a lavish dinner to all workshopaholic team and a friendly conversation in which we all shared our dreams and inspirations. The funny and amazing moments didn’t stop!

I refer to the word amazing all the time, because it was a key word for the project (lumia meaning light wants to make everyday amazing). Everyone said it so many times during these three days in Mykonos that it ended up being our inside joke.Workshopaholics played our own secret game during the supper: every time one said the word amazing, we all had to stand up, smile, shake head, blink eye …

Such a great project, such a great teamwork, such a great time…

Eleni Fotopoulou

Nokia Lumia¬†Workshopaholics’ teams
Team 1: Vasia Vrettou, Pavlos Satsidis, Maria Tzirita
Team 2: Markos Andriotis, Polina Dimoliani, Eleni Fotopoulou
Team 3:Vivian Koni, Marina Zamzara, Jeff Gizis

Special thanks to Dada Ioannidou, who was there to for us.