My date with Alex

Workshopaholic Mando Vlahou, after her appearance at “Eleni“, wants more from Alex Kavdas.

• Fashion is a process of internal and personal research. I love traveling, I have studied abroad, I have gained experience from magazines and television industry and still do. Instincts and knowledge set my imagination in motion.

• My grand grandfather was a tailor of the high society in Libya. This is something I found out lately. Cool, right?

• My mother loves fashion, too. When she was a little girl, she created her own Barbie dresses.

• I don’t read fashion magazines a lot. I prefer to feel the fashion beat according to my own aesthetics.

Photo: Yorgos Fasoulis

• Homo Universalis is my standard. This is why I want to learn new things all the time. When you have knowledge you are open minded to new things and ideas. You don’t want to do malicious criticism over others, something very common in our days.

• Is crisis a curse or a miracle for the fashion world ? Well, creativity is a mental process that only needs imagination and talent. It is something irrelevant to budget. It is very possible to see really amazing creations in fashion, because people try to do something new as a means of changing this miserable situation.

• Be the Indiana Jones of your own life. Experiment with new things, do mistakes and follow the right way at the end.

• I feel deeply happy with my life. If you ask me how I imagine myself in ten years from now, I can’t say for sure. The most important thing is to always have a target to remind you where you want to go and what you want to achieve.

• Summer  is Thailand, “Love long distance” song by Gossip, friends’ spirit, to say “thanks”, the Renaissance. The last one is my “symmericious” word.