Exclusive: The Blonde salad

Famous fashion blogger, Chiara Ferragni, aka “The Blonde Salad”, talks exclusively to Christianna and Marina about style, her plans and the impact of her blog.

Interview to Christianna Belba, Marina Zamzara
Photos via The Blonde Salad, Marina Zamzara, Vicky Kaya

You have many fans here in Greece.
Yes, I know! When I arrived at the airport some girls greeted me and made me really happy to realize that my work is so popular here. I love it. Thank you all!

How do you feel that you influence so many young girls?
I think it’s great. I am very happy that the way in which I express myself inspires, but it’s not like a purpose to me. Through dressing, I show who I am and that’s the important for me.

How would you describe your style?
I like mixing high fashion items, like shoes or bags, with more casual and low cost clothes. In general, I don’ t have a specific style, it depends on the mood. Sometimes it’s rock, sometimes it’s romantic… The most important thing is to be original.

When did you start your blog?
I was in the Lookbook, when I decided that I needed something more personal. So, I started the Blonde Salad, in October 2009.

Do you have any favorite designer?
Well, I like many designers. Of course, one my favorites is Marc Jacobs – I love his clothes for Louis Vuitton!

You launched your own shoes collection. Have you ever thought of becoming a professional designer?
Designing interests me a lot. I am thinking to launch my own collection of jewels and, who knows, maybe clothes. So far, except from “Chiara Ferrangi” shoes, I also had a collaboration with Mango and Yamamay. We ‘ll see!

Chiarra Ferrangi was a guest blogger at the opening of the Louis Vuitton pop up store in Mykonos. Thank you, Chiara!