Summer is my season. Even though I didn’t born in Summer, I should have been. Obsession posts are getting harder and harder for two main reasons: 1) I’m not on vacation 2) I’m so obsessed with everything about Summer I don’t know what to share with you.

Two days left for the anticipated Eject Festival 2012 and I’m really on fire.

In case everything else fails, I intend to follow suit.

So many gold pendants/chains around your neck make your look effortlessly chic. It seems like you forgot them from the previous night. (Instagram photo by ManRepeller)

If I was to write down astounding ensembles with this pair of Celine sandals, I would probably need a lot of pages. Love the leather – metallic combination. (Photo courtesy of AfterDRK)

The first thing to stare at when you get up in the morning: the endless sea. Looking for a house like that. Any suggestions?

An ingenious way to arrange a rendezvous!

Some cocktails would make a discussion about Beatniks absolutely normal. After all, philosophical quests are greatly triggered by a location like that.

Evmorfia Savvaidi

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