Viva la Repossi!

In 1976, Alberto Repossi took the reign of the eponymous house founded by his grandfather, in 1925. Gaia Repossi, succeeded her father in 2007, at the age of 20. Now, she is the Artistic Director and the main designer of the collections, without neglecting her family’s heritage.

But these are just information. The main story is that Gaia has achieved to remain faithful to traditions with an eye to the future. Her minimalistic approach coincided with Repossi’s craftsmanship, while her “artistic” background (she has a degree in Fine Arts and a master in Archaeology and Anthropology) is ideally translated into captivating collections, inspired by ethnic silhouettes and tribal accents. Not to mention, the collaborations with Alexander Wang, plus the fact that the house is loved fiercely by the celebrities.

Cara Delevinge

Kate Bosworrth



Every single piece completes you marvelously; never misfit, never overdone, still dazzling. It seems like a new love is born. Oh Gaia, I need a pair of gold Berbère multipiercing earrings, to keep him alive.

Evmorfia Savvaidi

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