Redhead meeting

PFW is bumping on Grace Coddingtnon and having a chat

Already in Paris for two days during the Fashion Week, I got used to run like crazy trying to catch up with every fashion show. A couple of hours before Leonard’s catwalks I took some time to enjoy my coffee at Café de Flore. Suddenly a redhead lady distracted me! “Oh my God”, I said, “it’s Vivienne Westwood” When I looked closer I was even more surprised. She was the legendary Grace Coddington, former model and Anna Wintour’s partner in American Vogue as a creative director. I immediately went close to her and expressed my admiration with a warm smile on my face. She was so nice and friendly – she even offered to take a photo with me. A few seconds only, were more than enough to give me an experience of a lifetime and Paris-the city of dreams- became the city of my dreams…

Elena Papastavrou