God save the Union Jack

Union Jack, the name that brings in mind the classic three-colour (blue, white and red) British symbol! The Union Flag, also known as Union Jack, is the  United Kingdom flag and its current design dates back in 1801.

Union Jack took its name from the crosses combination of three countries united under one – the kingdoms of England and Wales, of Scotland and of Northern Ireland. The symbol consists of three crosses: The Red Cross refers to Saint George, the white diagonal is a symbol of Saint Andrew and the red diagonal is a reference to Saint Patrick.

The guitar of Noel Gallagher and a Topshop sweater

Until today, the emblematic design has been food for inspiration for various designers, musicians, brands and companies. For example, the Union Jack has been printed on the shoe boxes of Reebok as a mark of the brand’s British origin. Moreover, Rock artists and bands such as Freddie MercuryLiam and Noel Gallagher and Iron Maiden and pop groups such as the Spice Girls have used the Union flag on their outfits or shows. Union Jack is also the name of three fictional characters in comic books published by Marvel Comics.

From bags, shoes and make up lines to rugs, refrigerators and cars, everything has ‘dressed up’ in the Union Jack symbol. In 2009, Gucci fashion house launched the limited edition Sloaney bags in order to celebrate its new flagship store in London. Furthermore, the same year Chanel presented a summer make up collection called London Madness.

Smeg refrigerator, Vivienne Westwood rug, Gucci “Sloaney” bags 2009, M&M’s

Recently Union Jack was used by Lacoste for the International flag capsule collection and by Links of London for a special jewelry line devoted to the Olympic Games. Last but not least, Mars company has announced the launch of M&M’s Limited Edition Union Jack pack, containing only red, white and blue peanuts. Undoubtedly due to the Olympic Games of 2012 in London and the celebration of Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, Union Jack is in fashion and is everywhere!

Maria Tzirita

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T-shirt, Lacoste

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