Brazilian summer

Maybe we are more Brazilian that we think. Firstly, we started dancing capoeira and samba, then drinking brazilian house blended coffee and now, more than ever we wear brazilian special items…

 Gisele sports it for Calzedonia 

Summer is here and none of us can think about it without a pair of havaianas and brazilian bikinis. During the last 4 years, both items are becoming a world wide trend.

Havaianas first created in 1962 by São Paulo Alpargatas company. They began to produce a sandal based on the design of zori, the Japanese flip flop. But instead of using straw to make them, they used rubber, which made a very comfortable and durable sandal. Although havaianas were firstly purchased only by the lower classes, but these days havaianas, with a few changes in theis design, have become a widespread hit. They are designed in countless different colours and patterns, and that’s why we keep on loving them.

Brazilian bikini «is smaller than the world’s smallest bathing suit»: this is how Louis Reard, the French engineer and designer of the original Brazilian bikini, promoted his invention. The swimwear was remarkably smaller and made up of a bra top and a couple of upturned triangles of fabric attached by string. The inspiration came to Reard when he observed women turning up their beach apparel to develop a better, lovelier tan.

Clockwise from top left: VIX, Tory Praver, Oysho, Tori Praver and Calzedonia (the last three)

Even if in the early beginning women were against this new type of swimwear, nowadays it is more than a trend. Be careful though, as sexy and provocative as it is, it is not suitable for any body type.

Vassia Asimakopoulou