Pascal Bourelly & Philippe Boigeol founded Compagnie de Provence in 1990 in Marselle. Their purpose was, and still is, to modernise the traditional Marseille cube soap and invent a liquid version of it. Inspired by the urban way of living, Compagnie de Provence shows us how soaps can respect the traditional savoir-faire, natural ingredients and fragrances.

The collection includes body milks, body butters, fragrance products, hand creams, shower gels, liquid Marseille soaps and skin care for men. Especially the liquid Marseille soap is made by totally traditional standards, in a cauldron.

With natural glycerine, these types of soaps, contain neither colouring agents, animal fats, nor surface-active agents plus they respect the environment because they are 100% biodegradable. Visit the on-line shop and you will be surprised by the variety of the perfumes and the simplicity of the site itself.

All products are using fragrance specialists from Grasse, the French, which is considered as the capital of perfume. So I can’t wait until Compagnie de Provence takes my well-being into consideration!!

Christina Zygouri