Style goes with age

It all began five years ago when Ari Seth Cohen moved from Seattle to New York. As he has declared in the past “My grandmother always told me to move to N.Y if I wanted to do something more creative. So, when she passed away five years ago, I decided to follow her advice, and here I am.”

Moving to the Big Apple, first thing to do was to launch his blog. His idea was completely radical for the world of fashion. Inspired by the style of his grandmothers and this of Hollywood 30’s stars, like Joan Crawford and Marlene Dietrich, he started shooting the most stylish ladies of New York. With a small difference, though, from all the other bloggers of that kind: his models are strictly above the age of 60.

“I want these older women to be role models for us on how to live life to the fullest”, he says and adds: “Fortunately, they were very open with the idea to get photographed for my blog. I wanted to make them visible again, at least to the youth-focused media, and they were happy that someone could appreciate their take on life and fashion. These ladies consider fashion as a party; they dress for themselves, not for men, not for other women, not for a job. That’s why they constitute a huge source of inspiration, not only for me, but for other young people as well.

The Advanced Style Ladies, as they are called, have become a kind of stars at the other part of the Atlantic Ocean. Ari Seth Cohen recently published a scrabook with all his street style photographs and he is currently preparing an extraordinary documentary with all of his fearless muses.

Moral of the story: style isn’t a matter of money, nor of age. All these sweet grannies not only teach us how to be refined and glamorous, but how to live our life with optimism and playfulness. They have certainly found the magic recipe of youth and happiness, don’t they?

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Marina Zamzara