Resort or cruise?

After the break of the fashionistas’ fever during the fashion weeks on February, it was about time for an extra high-fashion dose for us. Designers could not leave the runways for long and came back with their resort 2013 collections for all the fashionable jet-setters. And they did not leave any of us disappointed. Here is my personal best of.

Tomas Maier, the designer of the Bottega Veneta house, gave his emphasis to the color palette and he created some top to toe monochrome looks, by mixing past and future materials and artisanal techniques.

On the same pattern worked Oscar de la Renta. He pointed to the future by adjusting the familiar de la Renta figures in sharp, graphic pops.

Burberry Prosrum collection contests gravity, similarly with Bailey’s previous ones. The outfits had a sexy yet tough feeling, and combined the brand’s past and future with prints and faded colors blending into brocades and gold lace.


Marc Jacobs once again made it clear that he is a trend setter. He continued experimenting with layering and three-pieces outfits (sweatshirt- A-line skirt- flared pants), and costume-like clothes. The collection could be a mix of thirties and seventies lines, and has a serious retail potential.

DKNY’s show was a flirty one, with soft approach of the lines and outfits a girl can wear in the office and while dancing after midnight. Of course, the menswear- inspired looks were not absent, adding many elegance points on the catwalk.

A selection of Gucci and Michael Kors looks

Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel surely are on my best off. The smashing of hip-hop and Louis Quatorze’s 18th century court in Versailles styling details, took the audience’s breath away. The formal details were re-created in the 21st century fabrics, with M.I.A. playing on the soundtrack. The balletic yet ‘hard’ quality of the clothes with the Rococo echoes, were loved by all enthusiastic fashionistas.

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