Alison Scarpula

A concomitance of horror and tranquillity in the dream like photographic work of Alison Scarpulla.

There is happiness, there is pain, there is life, and there is death. Imagine a barefoot little girl running in slow motion in the dark, quiet and snowy woods. She is the protagonist in a world ruled by magic and superstition, a mystic world that exists parallel to our dull reality. The girl lost in fog is dressed in lace and velvet, looks ethereal and vulnerable, dances in the whispering wind, while dark, eerie silhouettes cloaked in secrecy lurk in the shadows.

It may look like you have sneaked into a child’s stunningly hunting dream (or nightmare?), but the mesmerizing images are created by the New York based photographer Alison Scarpulla. The artist plays with light, shadows and double exposure, ending up with fairytales livened up in a series of captivating psychedelic captured masterpieces that resemble drawings.

Romantic versus gothic, mysticism, black magic, skulls and bones are all pieced together in a disturbingly beautiful and unique outcome, reflecting emotions, thoughts and fears of a dreamy yet eldritch era.

My advice: Listen to the beseeming Dust Lane album by Yann Tiersen, grab some hot tea and prepare yourself to get lost into the surreal and enchanted world hidden in the genius mind of Alison Scarpulla.

Alison Scarpulla’s portfolio is available at

Chrysa Darsakli