Stripe me up

Summer time is here for good. And there is no doubt that mariniere is our all time favorite type of clothing- and an obsession of mine. Classic as Paris is, you can’t go wrong with stripes. And why would you?

Sailor style is so much fun, dynamic, pretty and timeless. No need to say that classic equals Chanel; Coco was the first designer to pay her respect to the classic Breton fishing shirt, or “marinière”, as she became enamored with the simple, comfortable, elegant jersey striped shirts worn by sailors and fishermen.


Since then, the mariniere is worshipped by almost everyone, from Audrey Hepburn to Pablo Picasso or even Alexa Chung. Jean Paul Gaultier is a major fan of Breton shirt as he uses it quite often in his personal life and style but also in his collections. Breton is considered a rule for preppy style and can easily transform as it matches everything, pants skirts, shorts. Get inspired, get creative, get striped, get confused, get experimental and simple have fun with the ultimate Mariniere.

Christianna Belba

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