Stars in Dior

The exhibition of Christian Dior is now a fact and famous treasures are waiting to be explored.

From May 12 to September 23, an exhibition named “Stars in Dior” takes place in Granville, where the Christian Dior Museum and family house of the designer is located.

The exhibition is curated in three levels according to the house arrangement. The ground floor is dedicated to everything that has been worn by movie stars in everyday life since 1942, and to Marlene Dietrich, the famous fan of the label. The second floor is all about Dior as a costume designer before 1947, when he opened his own Couture House. The top floor is dedicated to the more commercial collaborations, about cinema and fragrance advertising. Every cooperation with directors, illustrators and other partners will of course be highlighted.

The “Stars in Dior” exhibition coincides with the French release of the book of the same name, published by Rizzoli.

Elena Papastavrou

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